Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ­­­­I want to order! How do I get started?
Call, email, or stop in to let us know what you would like to do!
Some information that would be helpful in getting your order started:
  • What kind product? - t-shirt, sweatpants, pens, flashlights, etc.
  • Do you want screen printing or embroidery? (If you don’t know yet that is ok!)
  • Quantity
  • Do you have a logo or would you like us to create one for you?
  • If you are providing your own art the files we like best are AI, EPS or layered PSD - if you have your image in a format such as a JPG will have to work with it to get it ready for print or embroidery.
  • What colors are your logo? If you have specific colors you use please let us know so we are able to get as close as possible!
  • Where would you like your logos or images placed? Left chest, full front, full back, sleeve, bug, leg, etc.

Q: How long will it take to get something made?

That’s a loaded question! We need to know what kind of product you need and when your deadline is. We generally have a two week turn around, BUT the production time for some promotional products can be much longer depending on what you are looking for. With that, we also try very hard to accommodate whatever your deadline may be.

Q: How will I get my products when they are done?
We will give you a call and you can come pick them up or we can ship them to you.

Q: How can I reduce the cost of my garments?
Here are a few tips for keeping the cost of your order down.
  • Limit the number of colors you are using, each color needs its own film and screen, and by limiting your colors you will reduce setup and printing costs.
  • Order more shirts. This may seem the opposite of saving money, however the more shirts you order the more the per shirt price is able to go down.
  • Take a look at the garment you are ordering. Certain brands, styles or even colors will cost more, so if you want to keep the cost of your order down you may want to stick with a more basic style.

Q: How much does it cost to have something made?
Talk to one of our friendly sales staff to get a quote. Every order is different and we want to get the pricing right for you.