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Screen Printing is a permanent ink process that will bring you enjoyment of your logo on products and garments for years. From t-shirts to towels, hats and more, our in-house graphics team and production staff will bring you the highest quality results.

Image Sizing for Shirts
  • Baby, Youth and Adult shirts vary greatly in size. If you are ordering for children up to adult sizes you may need to have multiple sizes to ensure their fit on every garment.
  • Our largest standard sizing for an adult full front or back of a shirt is 13"w x 16.5"h - but if you'd like something larger we can work with you, it will just be into the oversize print territory.
  • Left Chest prints are 3.5"w - 4"w depending on the logo, if you would like a different size, just let us know.
  • If you would like certain colors for your logo or design, please provide the specific PMS color, we cannot guarantee exact color match but we will get it as close as possible.

The Process
  • Each color takes its own film and screen, to make the shirts we first produce art (or use provided logo), which is then separated by color and printed on a clear film. The film is then burned onto a screen, this screen is made of mesh that is coated - when the sceen is exposed to light the only part that is burned gets sprayed out, leaving the final image. This makes it possible for the ink to flow from the screen onto your product! That is the short, sweet and very simple version of the process, but it's all in a day's work for us at DSA.

Full Color Photo Process
  • If you are interested in full color images such as photographs you'll want to check out our Digital Printing on Kornit Prints.

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