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The Kornit printer is a direct to garment printer (DTG). This means if you have a photograph you would like on a shirt or other item, we can print it directly to the garment.
Some things to keep in mind when giving us an image:

How high quality is it? Did you snap it with your cell phone, is it an old picture we need to scan for you?

We can work with images and make them look better... but we cannot make them something they are not. If it is a pixelated picture, we can work to reduce the noise in the image, but it will not be crystal clear - the better quality image you can provide us with the better the end product will be.
This means both the image dimensions as well as resolution, 300 dpi is the best!

If you would like the background taken out of your image such as a picture of a car and you would like just the car.. please let us know, we don't want to make any unnecessary adjustment to your image.

Think about the color garment you want to print on. Light colored garments such as white or sport grey will have the best results.